Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners

Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners

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Venture Heat Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners are one of the best sellers simply because of their ability and flexibility to add a heater to any glove, for any activity.

The industry-leading carbon fiber heating elements run around the perimeter of the hand and fingers, without the use of wire or copper that will eventually fail after one too many times closing the hand. This is what sets Venture Heat apart.

Keep your adventure going this winter and add your own personal heater to any glove with the rechargeable Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Electric Glove Liners.

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As used for many years by the Australian and US Defence Force Venture Heat’s latest generation of Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners feature hair-thin heating elements on the perimeter of the hand, starting from the wrist then running in between each finger and fingertip until it reaches the other side of the wrist. The Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners also feature form-fitting flexible design so the heating elements press up against the hand and fingers. They come with slimline rechargeable batteries and charger included to give you 5+ hours heat with the choice of 3 different settings, so you can enjoy your activities in the cold for longer.

The Venture Heat Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners are designed for easy inserted into your existing winter gloves for added heated comfort. Your existing gloves will work with the liners to trap the heat in and help keep the winter along with the Avert softshell top to provide additional wind protection. This perfect combination of sleek design, weather protection, and extra heat will keep your hands nice and toasty in cold weather.

In winter the very first part of the body to go cold is your fingers and once this happens the rest of the body follows so you want to make sure your hands are kept warm. With normal gloves, once your hands get cold, there is no way of getting the body temperature back up without going inside and finding a heater somewhere. Our rechargeable battery glove liners fix this problem since in-built heater goes everywhere with you. They are great for motorcycling, skiing, camping, paragliding, Raynaud’s or arthritis relief or for those who just simply want warm comfortable hands. Eliminate Cold those cold hands and fingers this winter and keep doing the activities you love.

Rechargeable batteries and charger included with Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners. Spare BX-25 batteries are also available.

Eliminate cold hands.

Heating times with included BX-25 Battery

  • 2 Hours – High
  • 3.5 Hours – Medium
  • 5+ Hours – Low

They BX-25 batteries sit in the cuff of the glove and spare batteries are sold as singular and can be purchased from here

Spare BX-25 batteries are sold as a singular item and can be purchased from the product link here ->

  • AUD104.00

    BX-25 Battery

    Two BX-25 7.4V Batteries. Two Venture Heat BX-25 Lithium Battery for use with: - Avert Battery Heated Glove Liners - Heated Scarf Please contact us if you would like to purchase as a single battery.

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Heating ElementsPerimeter of palm & each finger
Heat SettingsLow, Medium, High
Power SystemBX-25 Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries (pair)
Battery Capacity1.800mAh each
Exterior Fabric86% Polyester, 14% Spandex
StyleHeated Glove Liner

Q: Are the battery included?
A: Yes.  The batteries and charger are included

Q: What are the heating times?
A: 2 Hours High, 3.5 Hours Medium and up to 5+ hours on low

Q: Are the gloves waterproof?
A: They are an inner glove. This means they are designed to go inside your existing gloves.

Q: Do they have to be inside another glove?
A: They don’t have to be but to trap the heat in and be most effective, they will require some sort of glove over the top.

Q: How thick are they?
A: They are about as thick as any other glove liner.  They are designed to compress once placed in your glove.  As long as your gloves are not skin tight they should fit. See the video tab for more information.

Q: What are they used for?
A: They are a multipurpose heated glove.  They are very popular with motorcyclists as well as snow lovers, raynauds sufferers, cyclists, campers, workers or just everyday use.

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    Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners

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    Venture Heat Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners are one of the best sellers simply because of their ability and flexibility to add a heater to any glove, for any activity. The industry-leading carbon fiber heating elements run around the perimeter of the hand and fingers, without the use of wire or copper that will eventually fail after one too many times closing the hand. This is what sets Venture Heat apart. Keep your adventure going this winter and add your own personal heater to any glove with the rechargeable Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Electric Glove Liners.
  • AUD249.00

    ALT Battery Heated Gloves

    , ,
    Venture Heat 7V ALT Battery Heated Gloves are designed for the person who needs a little help staying warm. Perfect for many uses such as the motorcycle, skiing or everyday use, our next-generation heated glove has the same features as the previous Epic 2.0 Gloves, but with a tighter and more lightweight fit for improved grip and mobility. plus the index finger and thumb are touchscreen friendly which allows easy access and complete control for touchscreen devices. The ultra-thin micro-alloy heating panels extend from the back of the hand down to each fingertip, warming the entire hand for hours. To keep hands even warmer, the gloves are both water and windproof. These battery heated gloves feature a nubuck leather palm which is less bulky and provides optimal grip and control. The gloves come with two BX-26 batteries and Australian/NZ 110-240V charger included.
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    Komine EK-205 7.4V Advanced Battery Heated Gloves

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    The Komine EK-205 Advanced 7.4V Battery Heated Motorcycle Glove is now here! A rechargeable battery heated glove that allows you the ability to plug into your bikes cigarette accessory to provide endless heat on those long rides or when you haven't had a chance to re-charge the batteries. (accessory sold separately) This stylish glove has a carbon fiber heating element that runs around the perimeter of the hands and fingers/fingertips to keep you warm and safe to allow you full function of your fingers on those winter rides. The glove itself is constructed with a windproof/waterproof breathable liner and a thin layer of insulation all designed to get the most out of the heating elements and has 3 settings on the built-in controller. Featuring touch screen capability as well as protectors on the knuckles, finger and carbon lateral slider this glove is incredibly comfy and offers nice dexterity for a winter glove. A 7V rechargeable motorcycle glove that can also run off the bike is a great combination in a heated glove.

Additional information

Weight.49 kg
Dimensions22 × 10 × 3 cm

Large, Medium, Small, X Large, X Small, XX Large, XX Small


  1. I’ve been using Venture Battery Heated Glove liners for all my chilly bike rides for over a year, rain hail or shine, and I love them. They fit under my normal leather riding gloves. Which delighted me – because I wasn’t sure how well that would work, before I bought them, and didn’t want to change my gloves just yet. The heat is instant all over my fingers, and I usually get a 2 hour ride without any sign of fade.
    They have a lovely soft “thick” feel, and they still manage to fit inside my normal gloves. Although pulling riding gloves over the top does require a bit of a push. I chose the battery pack to avoid complications of being tethered to the bike. If ever I need to ride longer than the battery lasts, then I’ll buy a second set of batteries and keep them charged in my panniers, because it’s a simple 3 second job to swap them. The three heat settings are pretty good. The lowest is what I usually use, in Sydney’s winter, with the occasional medium setting on a really cold day (by Sydney standards). The hottest setting is absolutely toasty, and not necessary for me in Sydney.
    With ordering them on-line I was concerned about getting the right size, but the sizing page that I printed from the website worked perfectly because the liners that arrived were just right.

  2. I work in an open warehouse as a forklift operator, and with the cold morning temperatures, and/or all day cold weather can triggers my Raynaud’s Phenomenon symptoms. These glove liners heats up my fingertips, which help relieve my Raynaud’s Phenomenon symptoms, by improving my blood circulation and regulating my hands temperature. It is a bit of a slight tug to pull the windproof gloves over the glove liners, but comfortable fitting. I find these glove liners are safe and non-invasive to wear. With my condition, the high temperature (2 hours) setting works better for me. Therefore second set of batteries are needed.

  3. Zarkie heated gloves / liners review

    As a long-time sufferer of Raynaud’s syndrome, which causes poor circulation in toes and fingers in cold weather, aggravated by vibration (i.e. through motorcycle handgrips), I have found the Venture heated glove products from Zarkie to be a salvation when riding in the cold.

    I own Zarkie’s heated gloves (battery-operated) and two sets of heated glove liners (battery and 12V versions). Whilst all are effective in reducing my susceptibility to ‘frozen fingers’, I have found that wearing the liners underneath (extra large) leather gloves to be most effective in keeping my hands warm.

    The battery-operated liners are good for two hours per charge on high (which I mainly use.) For longer trips (i.e. riding all day) I use the 12V liners which attach easily to the accessories socket on my BMW F700 GS.

    I wouldn’t be without them for cold-weather riding – highly recommended.

    I now look forward to trying out Zarkie’s new heated socks, to keep my pinkies warm too.

    Brad Barker
    Merimbula, NSW

  4. Stops painful throbbing pain in my fingers when they get to cold from Raynaud’s

    These are amazing and a life changer for me. Every time I get slightly cold (below 20oC), my fingers get an attack and it extremely painful. These heated glove warmers are allowing me to do regular day to day things during winter without constant pain. Absolutely love these gloves and won’t be going anywhere without them. Have just ordered more batteries and chargers as you will need to replace batteri e every couple of hours. I just turn my gloves on as soon as I feel my fingers start towards and attack and then once they are feeling ok I turn the gloves off again to conserve batteries.

  5. Tried these in Northern Norway in winter for a photography trip. Minus 20 and then the windchill. For the first time ever my hands were just cold. Not frostbitten or ischaemic. That is such a step up for me! And I could actually take photos with them on too. Once inside a mitten with a chemical hand-warmer I could regain temperature. I have the XS and they are still a little large on me (I am a smallish female) but this has changed my life. Beware – airport security said that they look ‘shady’!!!! A battery with a lead coming out of it apparently looks suspicious.

  6. As a chronic sufferer of Raynauds Phenomenom, these glove liners have allowed me to go about my daily life in much more comfort. The liners are well fitted to your hand and the touchscreen pads work great on smartphones and tablets. These gloves have allowed me to get back into 4wding and camping. With my Raynauds symptoms i find High setting is better suited to me then managed with medium. I will need another set of batteries to interchange and last the majority of day as i run out of heat in about 2 hours when i have a raynauds reaction. The sizing guide was spot on, and postage was sent express and received the package in just 3 days in Perth, WA.

    Exceptional product and service. Will be purchasing another set of batteries and heated jacket in the near future.

  7. Good product, keeps my hands warm. My only issue with them is they’re a little thick and don’t fit comfortably under my gloves. I will need to purchase larger gloves because my hands cramp up in pain when trying to squeeze these under my riding gloves . So keep that in mind when purchasing.

  8. I love these liners! I always get cold hands when skiing and had resorted to using 3 x liners in my gloves. These liners fit perfectly inside my ski gloves and are fine on the lowest (green) setting most of the day on the ski field. I tend to turn them on as required as I do find they can get a little sweaty (which is a pleasant surprise after always having cold hands!).
    I went with the small size based on the measurements and am a size 10 female and this size was perfect.

  9. “These gloves have changed my life!!”

    I purchased the Avert Glove Liners in May as I have a condition that affects the circulation in my hands and feet but especially my hands which literally go numb and painful in cold weather and as I work I walk my dogs very early hence it’s cold.

    Since I have started wearing the gloves I no longer suffer every day and makes my walks/exercise enjoyable again without the pain I normally experience.

    I generally use the gloves on medium and may change to high for a short period as I find the low setting not quite warm enough but they last for my walks and then I recharge every day on my return.

    By themselves they are a bit clunky to use my phone and pick up poop and I felt that the heat was escaping somewhat so I have since purchased a pair of Gore Windstopper gloves from Kathmandu and they have fixed the problem as the gloves are more compact, I can use my phone etc and they keep the heat in so much more and also keep the wind off me.

    I cannot recommend these gloves highly enough if you suffer from any form of Reynards, arthritis or any circulation problems.

    Finally , the service when purchasing and the speed of delivery was perfect.

  10. Brilliant invention! I have Raynauds and dread the cold weather. The gloves work perfectly, the high temperature for a quick warm up before putting them on works really
    well. Then down to medium and off I go. I still have enough dexterity to open gates and use my phone.

  11. Purchased for our mother who suffers terrible chilblains. They are wonderful at relieving the pain and providing comfort.
    Thought the high setting would be hotter however still very effective.
    Size guide was accurate and delivery was super quick which was most impressive and appreciated- in time for Mother’s Day.
    Highly recommend these gloves.

  12. I have Raynauds and these gloves gave been great for stopping my fingers going white and numb. They are comfortable and flexible

  13. Venture heated gloves an absolute winner. They are everything they promised to be. VERY happy VERY impressed. Equally impressive is the customer service. Very speedy delivery. I also had questions about my product &, upon phoning Zarkie, I was met with an incredibly helpful person. What a great company. I will most definitely be ordering again.

  14. Gloves are excellent as all other reviewers have noted. But I wanted to add the super-fast service – I placed my order at 2pm, it was posted that afternoon and received the following day (in Sydney). Kudos to your organisation.

  15. Have had these glove liners for a couple of months now & find they are excellent on those frosty mornings on the motorbike. My fingers are no longer going numb & turning white. Fit great inside my other gloves & I can get my deliveries done before the battery runs flat.

  16. Wonderful service from Zarkie: the gloves arrived just two days after ordered them. I ordered size L, which was too big for me — I should have believed their sizing chart. So I returned them, and had a new pair just 4 days later. No fuss. Top marks!

  17. I ordered these XS gloves and was wearing them two days later under my bike gloves. Easy fit which was a pleasant surprise as I thought I’d have a struggle to put my leather gloves over the heated liners but all was good.. Fabulous and quick delivery service. I wore the gloves on high on a ride to the Snowy Mountains and I had never known such comfort. Yay! Came home and ordered the heated socks so now I have toasty fingers and toes. Will need to order a second battery pack for my gloves though as I need high heat for more than the two hours as I would ride all day. Love both products. Seriously the best comfort purchase I’ve made.

  18. I’m a road cyclist with Raynaud’s syndrome and my fingers constantly go numb on bike rides, which is really uncomfortable and unsafe. I purchased the glove liners to go under my existing winter gloves. I was worried that they would be too bulky, but they are really quite thin and fit inside just fine.
    I’ve only been on a couple of rides with them but i have been very impressed. then quality and design is great and they are effective at stopping my fingers from going numb. You can’t do a really long ride (2hrs +) on the highest setting but that’s fine as the medium setting is good enough for keeping the cold at bay. Very happy with them and i’m sure a few of my cycling mates will be following my lead.

  19. My wife wears them running and walking the dog on Frosty Tasmanian winter mornings and loves them. The customer service and very fast delivery were excellent.

  20. As a Reynaud’s suffer, these gloves were recommended to me and I love them. They fit like a glove (pun intended) and feel really comfortable to wear. They do take a while to charge so I am looking to purchase additional batteries, but they certainly help to ease the pain and keep my fingers toastie and warm. I have also recommended them to friends who also suffer from Raynaud’s.
    Zarkie were really quick in delivering the order. As live in a different state, I thought it would take ages for them to arrive, but it only took a few days. Thanks Zarkie

  21. Great product also got the jacket liner which has been awesome. Went for battery operated glove liners so I could use them just on there own as well

  22. I have had Raynauds disease for over 20 years and I so wish I had these heated glove liners years ago! A couple of weeks ago I was skiing and had to come inside every hour to defrost my fingers. I overheard someone talking about their heated gloves- so I looked up this website and purchased the heated liners and also heated socks. Next time skiing I wore the heated socks and gloves and was so thrilled to be able to be out all day (no frozen finger and toe pain). I recommend buying the second set of batteries as I changed the battery after a few hours. Ill probably buy a second pair of the heated socks now as they are useful for day to day use on cold winter mornings as well as skiing. Zarkie staff were really helpful . Im really impressed with these products – I would highly recommend.

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