Heated Skiing Gloves

Stay warm on the slopes with our heated ski gloves

It is not unusual to suffer from cold hands when skiing or snowboarding, but it doesn’t have to be a problem when you wear Venture Heat’s battery heated snow skiing gloves and mittens.  Cold hands are one of the first things to bring you off the slopes before your day is done and stops you getting full value out of that pricey lift ticket.  With normal gloves, once your body heat starts dropping, typically the only way to get your hands working again or back up to normal temperature is to go inside to find a heater.  With heated skiing gloves you simply push a button and you get instant heat without having to leave the slopes. The gloves are high quality without the heating system so you only need to run it when it suits you.  Whether you are skiing in Australia this winter or traveling overseas, our gloves will be able to keep you warm and dry on the mountain.  Browse our range below and get fast & Free delivery on all orders over $100.

What makes our gloves better?

  • Dry hands.  The waterproof liner keeps the elements out and traps heat in
  • Long-lasting, discretely concealed lithium batteries
  • Full waterproofing and premium quality materials
  • XTC Comfort Technology
  • Compatibility with your touchscreen device

Our Heated Ski Gloves

  • AUD209.00

    Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners

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    Venture Heat Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Glove Liners are one of the best sellers simply because of their ability and flexibility to add a heater to any glove, for any activity. The industry-leading carbon fiber heating elements run around the perimeter of the hand and fingers, without the use of wire or copper that will eventually fail after one too many times closing the hand. This is what sets Venture Heat apart. Keep your adventure going this winter and add your own personal heater to any glove with the rechargeable Avert 2.0 Battery Heated Electric Glove Liners.
  • AUD249.00

    ALT Battery Heated Gloves

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    Venture Heat 7V ALT Battery Heated Gloves are designed for the person who needs a little help staying warm. Perfect for many uses such as the motorcycle, skiing or everyday use, our next-generation heated glove has the same features as the previous Epic 2.0 Gloves, but with a tighter and more lightweight fit for improved grip and mobility. plus the index finger and thumb are touchscreen friendly which allows easy access and complete control for touchscreen devices. The ultra-thin micro-alloy heating panels extend from the back of the hand down to each fingertip, warming the entire hand for hours. To keep hands even warmer, the gloves are both water and windproof. These battery heated gloves feature a nubuck leather palm which is less bulky and provides optimal grip and control. The gloves come with two BX-26 batteries and Australian/NZ 110-240V charger included.
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