Men’s ZipT Battery Heated Thermal Base Layer Top (Black/Anchor)

Men’s ZipT Battery Heated Thermal Base Layer Top (Black/Anchor)


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Venture Heat’s ZipT Men’s Battery Heated Thermal Base Layer Top is the answer to fighting the cold climate head-on with boosted active heat delivered directly to your core.

This thermal base layer is designed with your active lifestyle in mind. The nylon and spandex blend with brushed-lined fabric wards off the chill of winter by trapping your body’s heat and wicking away moisture to keep you warm & dry. The heating elemnts push against the skin for great effect and the outer layers help trap the heat in so you stay nice and warm.

Key features:
– Built-in Contoller
– Up to 6 Hours heat
– 2 Heating elements on Back and 1 on Abdomen
– Brushed Fleece Lining
– Quick Dry Material
-USB Powered
-Carbon Fibre Heating Elements
-3 Setting Built-in Controller

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Xtreme Comfort Technology

The Venture Heat’s exclusive Z-Stretch Carbon-Fiber Heating Elements enables a large range of motion and even faster heat.

Smart Pre-heat

The Venture Heat exclusive PRE-HEAT feature was designed to quickly boost the heat for 5 minutes of maximum energy output. After 5 minutes, the microprocessor automatically switches the system to the Low setting to conserve energy & maintain warmth.

Quick Dry

The base layer is designed to quickly wick the body’s moisture away so users remain dry with even more comfort and warmth.

Temperature Performance

Low / Green 4-5 Hours
Medium / Yellow 3-4 Hours
High / Red 1.5-2.5 Hours

More info

The heated base layer can be worn comfortably underneath any garment as the foundation for layering.  Our Z-Stretch XCT heating elements are barely detectable when-powered off.  With a push of a button, the heating system comes to life by injecting warmth to your abdomen and upper/ lower back.



Heating Elements 3 flex-panel on the front and two on the back
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High,
Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Voltage 5V
Gender Women

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PreHeat Technology

Instructional Guide

What’s included:
– Men’s Battery Heated Base Layer Thermal Top
– Instructional Guide

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