Evolve Heated Hoodie (Black)

Evolve Heated Hoodie (Black)

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****** The Evolve Heated Hoodie has been discontinued and replaced by the NEW Transit Heated Hoodie which can be found at this link

Transit Unisex 7.4v Heated Hoodie (Black)


****** The Evolve Heated Hoodie has been discontinued and replaced by the NEW Transit Heated Hoodie which can be found at this link ( battery and charger included)

Transit Unisex 7.4v Heated Hoodie (Black)



The heated hoodie combines comfort, natural warmth and style with our signature micro-alloy heating elements. Hoodies are one of the most popular ways to stay warm and comfortable year-round, but now you can have the added convenience of heat, powered by a USB Rechargeable Power Bank (sold separately).

The Evolve Heated Hoodie has a flexible heating panel on the back, and a panel on each side of the chest so the entire core will remain warm. Each heating panel has a thin, breathable mesh to maximize efficient heat transfer.

The Evolve USB Heated Hoodie is built to keep users warm naturally with soothing plush fleece, inside the sleeves and hood, plus the outer layer is a thick polyester spandex blend.

There is no need to layer up or be uncomfortable in the cold any more thanks to Venture Heat’s battery powered clothing.  You can take your electric heater where ever you go or simply wear it around the home to keep the heating bills down.

Heating times with NOT included 10,000mAh battery.

  • 4 Hours – High
  • 7 Hours – Medium
  • 12 Hours – Low

The USB Power Bank pocket is a strategically designed pocket located on the back left hip which is virtually unnoticeable. *USB Power Bank is sold separately* Feel free to use your own or order one from us. Must be 2.0Amp with at least 10,000mAh.

  • AUD49.00

    USB Power Bank Battery 10000mAh

    *CURRENT STOCK HAS BEEN UPGRADED. The Premium ANKER Power Bank is 10000mAh capacity. The 10000mAh can provide 2x charging: up to 12 hours of heating time in VENTURE HEAT's 5 Volt heated clothing. Note: Charge the battery by plug-in the included micro USB cable into your computer USB port or use the USB charging adaptor that came with your smartphone. BTW: Battery sold with 6 months Manufacturer Warranty.

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Heating Elements1 on Back, 1 on Each Chest
Heat SettingsLow, Medium, High
Power SystemUSB Power Bank 2.0 Amp
Rechargeable BatteryNot Included
Exterior FabricPoly-Cotton Blend
LiningBrushed Fleece
CapacityMinimum 5,000 mAh

Q: Is the battery included?
A: No, the battery is sold separately.  You can use your existing one of purchase one from us.

Q: What are the heating times?
A: 4 Hours High, 7 Hours Medium and up to 12 hours on low

Q: Can the jacket be washed?
A: Yes.  Please follow the washing instructions that come included.

Q: Can the power bank be charged anywhere?
A: Anywhere a USB point can be found.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: Yes, 1 year on the clothing and 6 months on the batteries.

Additional information

Weight.7 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 2.5 cm

Large, Medium, Small, X Large, X Small, XX Large


  1. Great hoodie, quick delivery and good service. The fabric is great too, so soft and toasty on its own.

    The heating elements are in great spots too, nice and warm when its 1° at work at 2am out on the forklift.

  2. Really nice and warm. Inside is not entirely fleece-lined like the photo.

  3. Wow. What a great hoodie. Had it one day & love it. Warms up quickly & is super comfy. Also the convenience of using power banks is terrific.

  4. Very happy with the warmth and quality of this hoodie. So much warmer than the Milwaukee heated hoodie. Delivery is super fast. Purchased one last year, loved it so much got another this winter.

  5. Super happy with the quality and speed of delivery. Not entirely fleece lined but not a huge issue. Pockets could be a little tighter so you can put things in and not have them fall out.
    Heats up quickly

  6. Very well made and very warm even without the heated part going I love it will be buying more .

  7. Extremely warm and comfortable hoodie before it’s turned on. Heats quickly to warm you up especially excellent value since you can use any 10k+ power bank to run it. Very very impressed (yet to wash) with the jacket.
    Delivery was exceptionally fast = great service.

  8. Absolutely fantastic service. Wonderful cosy jacket on cold mornings. Loving it. Thank you Zarkie

  9. Super warm. Wife nearly stole it before I hooked it up. Waiting on my own power pack and hope it fits but the quality is awsome. Hate winter no more. Ride a motorbike.so may get gloves next

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