12V Heated Motorcycle Touring Gloves

12V Heated Motorcycle Touring Gloves

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Venture Heat’s warmest Touring glove yet, the 12V Heated Motorcycle Touring Gloves are great for year-round riding. When your hands get cold while riding it effects your ability to use the bikes controls and creates a real safety issue. Not to mention your hands and fingers are usually the first things to get cold and the rest of your body follows so if you keep them warm then it can affect your whole body. Venture Heat’s micro-alloy fibre heating elements are strategically placed on top of the hand and fingers wrapping around the palm and thumb. An extra protective gel knuckle, palm and finger cushions along with reinforced fingertips gives you the dexterity you need to keep the cold air out on your rides.

Eliminate cold hands and ride all year round.

– Plugin in to Vehicle (12V) or optional 12V portable battery
– Heating Elements from top of hand to finger
– 3 Heat Settings – Low, Medium, High
– Gender – Unisex
– Premium Nappa Leather and Nylon

Ventures 12V Rechargeable Battery can be purchased from our 12V accessories page as it “12V Gloves and Duo Vest Rechargeable Battery and Charger Accessories” so you don’t have to be wired to the bike.

Sizing Guide Video: Hand Sizing Guide
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The Dintex waterproof Membrane was engineered with one thing in mind: keep you dry and comfortable.  The membrane has an impenetrable layer to prevent any water or wind into the gloves while still being highly breathable.

Xtreme Comfort Technology

Our Xtreme Comfort Technology is the pinnacle of Venture Heat products – ultra-thin flexible heating panels eliminate the bulk of heating coils in the hand by using micro-alloy fibers. This allows for durable heating elements while providing strong and safe heat for hands.


Power System 12V- Harness, Y-splitter included
Heating Elements Top of Hand to Each Finger
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Voltage 12V
Source 12-13.8V DC
Draw 2.2 amp
Exterior Fabric Premium Nappa Leather and Nylon
Palm Premium Napa Leather
Insulation 3M Thinsulate
Style 12V Heated Touring Gloves

Motorcycle Interconnectivity

The Motorcycle Heated Grand Touring Gloves are powered by the existing battery on the vehicle and will provide heat as long as riders are on the road.  Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the vehicle’s body, leaving the connector plug exposed.  Pair the Heated Gloves with the Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner, or wear them on their own using the included Y-Splitter Cable. Optional 12V rechargeable battery can also be purchased from our 12V- accessories page, so you don’t have to be connected to the bike

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Venture Heat’s cabling is a coax cable that is designed quick release, just  in case you forget to disconnect from the bike.

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    High 2 hours
    Medium 3 hours
    Low 4.5 Hours
    Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
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    • One MC-2600 12V Battery
    • One MC-2601 C Australian/NZ 240v Wall Charger for 12V Battery
    Estimated Heat time
    High 2 Hours
    Medium 3 Hours
    Low 4.5 Hours

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The Heated Motorcycle Touring Gloves are constructed with premium Nappa Leather and a waterproof membrane, they will keep your hands protected and warm while you are out on your adventure. These heated motorcycle gloves also feature a form fitting adjustable hook and loop strap with an adjustable hem cinch on the wrist so you can create your personal micro-climate. Each glove index and thumb has touch screen capabilities so that you can pull over and use your touchscreen device without even taking your gloves off.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I bought these gloves about 12 months ago.. Being a sufferer of Raynauds (google it) my hand suffer greatly from the cold. Heated grips are ok but the top of the hand and fingers are still exposed to the cold but these gloves heat the this area. I have ridden over the mountains and all over Tasmania in the cold and these gloves were fantastic. I now intend to get the battery powered ones for short trips.

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