Looking For gloves and socks to relieve your Raynaud’s?

Looking For gloves and socks to relieve your Raynaud’s?
October 31, 2019 Scott Weekes
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Do you suffer from Raynauds? Or endure secondary symptoms such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and systemic lupus erythematosus debilitating you from everyday activities and scared to even go outside?

Regardless of the severity of primary and secondary Raynaud’s prevention is important, simple initial care you can do involves keeping the body warm, especially the extremities. For some people with Raynauds just putting on think pair of thick socks or cumbersome ski gloves, just isn’t quite enough to relieve the pain and warm the fingers and toes to relieve the pain. 

This is where Venture Heat can help with heated gloves and socks by giving your fingers and toes that little bit of support warming the extremities giving your body respite from the pain will help you to relax allowing the body to return to normal blood flow.

The Avert Battery Heated Glove Liners from Venture Heat have industry-leading carbon fiber heating elements that run around the perimeter of the hand and fingers providing warmth exactly where it’s needed. Designed to be worn snug against the skin, hair-thin carbon heating elements allow fingers to move freely and fit under any windproof/ waterproof glove.

Let’s not forget about our other little phalange friends all the way down on the ground. Feet and toes can be just as debilitating and painful when the blood flow becomes restricted and keeping your feet submerged in warm water are sometimes less than practical.

Heated socks from Zarkie have developed a sock that provides warmth where it’s needed most. Located underneath the toes to work with your shoes will trap the heat in keeping you out and about or curled up on the couch. 

Don’t let Raynauds control your life, take charge get back to enjoying life with the power of heat. 

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