Zarkie was established in 2012 with an emphasis on bringing only the best quality products to the market.  Quality over quantity.

We have spent many years trying to build a reputation of trust and confidence so that customers can feel secure in that when you purchase from Zarkie, you will be looked after.  We back ourselves in with efficient service to deliver your products as quickly as possible because we know that when you order a product, you want it as soon as possible.

USB Battery Heated Socks

  • Zarkie USB Battery Heated Socks

    Zarkie's new USB Battery Heated Socks are the solution for cold feet. In winter your toes are one of the first parts of the body to feel the cold and once they stop retaining heat, the rest of the body follows. Our battery heated socks now give you the luxury of taking your heater wherever you go. The wool blend sock keeps your feet warm enough on it's own, but when you add a quality heating element to quality sock, then you get comfort for all your outdoor winter activities as well comfort around the house and everyday activities. The extremely small 5V Power Bank sits in the top of the sock with the built-in 3 setting controller. This allows you up to 7+ hours heat and the ability to adjust your heat comfort level as your feet temperature changes throughout the day. The Zarkie Battery Heated Socks come with batteries, charger and laundry bag included so you have everything you need to heat your feet. [sf_modal header="Glove Sizing" btn_colour="black" btn_type="bordered" btn_size="standard" btn_text="Sizing Guide"] The sizing chart below is for both women and men's sizing. [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [thcol]SIZE[/thcol] [thcol]Size of Feet[/thcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]S/M[/tcol] [tcol]Women's size 6-10[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]L/XL[/tcol] [tcol]Women's size 10+[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]S/M[/tcol] [tcol]Men's size 5-8.5[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]L/XL[/tcol] [tcol]Men's Size 8.5+"[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [/table] [/sf_modal]
  • NEW – Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Socks

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    The new Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Socks now come with controller included which makes customising your heat even easier. The heating element is now located underneath the toes which work with your shoes to trap the heat in and keep the rest of your body warm. We all know that once your feet and hands get cold then your body will follow. The socks offer 3 settings and can last for 9+ hours on the low setting. They can also be used without the wireless controller and benefit from being able to remove the controller from the socks whilst washing them. The cotton blend fabric makes them soft and comfortable as well as durable. The new Zarkie Wireless socks are the best way to keep your toes warm this winter!
  • $189.00

    NEW – Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Insoles

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    The new Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Insoles are the perfect way to add a heater to your existing shoes. Heating from the underneath of the foot, the 3 settings wireless controller allows you to customise your heat as you walk. Featuring built-in USB 5V lithium batteries that can be charged from any USB port and heating times of up to 9+ Hours . The comfortable insole can be tailored to fit your shoe by trimming the toe down to the size that fits you best. Take your heater wherever you stroll and wnjoy warm feet this winter.


  • $35.00