Treating pain with heat therapy

Treating pain with heat therapy
May 3, 2017 Edwyn Raine
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How is Heat Associated with Pain Treatment?

Heat therapy is the most recommended non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical form of pain relief and rehabilitation by physical therapists and medical professionals alike. Targeting an affected area with heat therapy dilates blood vessels and increases the flow of oxygenated blood to help repair damaged tissues at the cellular level and flush away toxins and lactic acids that cause stiffness and discomfort.Studies have shown that some types of heat are more helpful in soothing muscle pain than others. Heat emitted by carbon fibers, which produce Far Infrared Rays, is more effective than superficial heat produced by heated cloths, hot water bottles, and instant hot packs.

What is Far Infrared Ray and How Does it Effectively Get Rid of Pain?

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are wavelengths of energy found within the light spectrum but are invisible to the naked eye. Through a process known as “thermal conversion”, these rays allow warmth to penetrate deep into the body.Unlike conventional forms of heat therapy products which heat up only the surface of the skin, Far Infrared Ray heat penetrates up to 3 inches into the muscles and bones, optimizing the therapeutic benefits.The pain alleviation process happens in the cellular level when FIR light energy converts into heat upon contact with the subcutaneous tissues in the body. The heat energy excites the molecules, causing them to have micro-vibrations. This process causes the blood vessels to dilate, which in turn boosts blood flow in the area to resupply vital nutrients and oxygen needed to recuperate. Furthermore, Far Infrared Rays help to get rid of toxins and metabolic wastes in the body through sweating, which is the body’s natural way of cooling itself from the heat that comes with the process.

Far Infrared Ray-induced heat is harmless, comfortable, targeted and deep penetrating. It is an effective way to strengthen immunity and improve blood flow, which eases muscles spasms, rehabilitates movement impairment, alters the sensation of pain, and promotes tissue repair.


Most heat therapy devices in the market today use a high-voltage energy source– this can be both dangerous and expensive. VentureHeat’s Heat Therapy products are guaranteed safe because they use a low 12-Volt DC Voltage for the Plugin Series and a 7.4 Lithium Ion Battery for the Rechargeable series. VentureHeat’s products are also free from harmful Electromagnetic Field Frequencies.Your safety is our #1 priority and we carefully research and meticulously develop our technology to bring you the best in Far Infrared Ray heat therapy systems. We are dedicated to providing high quality, innovative, efficient and affordable Far Infrared Ray products to soothe pain and offer relief.

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