Reduce your power bills, heat your clothes not your house!

Reduce your power bills, heat your clothes not your house!
December 4, 2019 Scott Weekes
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Technology that has been around for over 70 years has increasingly become more popular with the arrival of compact lithium-ion batteries which has increased performance and diversity of electrically heated clothing.
Heated leather jackets were used by pilots in World War Two and along with bikers, who have embarrassed the technology for decades now, utilising the power supply from the bike’s battery to keep them warm in much the same way as the pilots did.

Electrically heated clothing is a sustainable and effective strategy for heating in the house allowing for a decrease in the household power consumption. With huge energy savings potential, the use of modern heated clothing has become more efficient, offering the possibility to turn down the thermostat without sacrificing comfort and saving money on expensive heating costs.

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A heated wardrobe that can include pants, socks, base layers top, hoodies and vests they have a very low energy output as the clothes are worn close to the skin there is no need for the heating elements to get very hot making them an efficient and safe way of keeping the body warm.

Venture Heat uses carbon fibre heating panels, the advantage of this technology is its flexibility, it can be folded, washed and crushed repetitively and will continue to work and replaces the need for heating wires which are rigid, heavy, break easily, and require more energy. The carbon fibre heating panels are also extremely thin and can be woven into fabric without creating any discomfort.

Heated clothing can lead to an important reduction in energy consumption, making it possible to lower the average temperature a few degrees and shorten the time you have the heating on in your house, in the long run, saving you money.

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