Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Socks

Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Socks

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The new Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Socks now come with controller included which makes customising your heat even easier.

The heating element is now located underneath the toes which work with your shoes to trap the heat in and keep the rest of your body warm. We all know that once your feet and hands get cold then your body will follow.

The socks offer 3 settings and can last for 9+ hours on the low setting. They can also be used without the wireless controller and benefit from being able to remove the controller from the socks whilst washing them. The cotton blend fabric makes them soft and comfortable as well as durable.

The new Zarkie Wireless socks are the best way to keep your toes warm this winter!

S/M 40EU and below
L/XL 41 EU and above

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Heat Directly to the Toes

Zarkie Battery Heated Socks have a heating element that sit directly UNDER the toes.  They then use your existing footwear to trap the heat in and warm the foot.

USB Power Banks

Zarkie Heated Socks come with two revolutionary 5V 1A 2400mAh Power Banks.  Weighing only 60 grams and 100mm X 50mm X 9mm in size, these batteries are so small you barely know they’re there yet can give heat up to 9+ hours.  They are designed to sit flat against your leg.

They can even charge your phone when you’re not using them to keep your feet warm.

Wireless Controller Included

The new Zarkie socks come with a 3 setting wireless controller included.  This takes a large amount of the electrical component out of the sock allowing for longer life span.  The socks can also be powered without the controller.



Power System5V 1AMP USB Power Bank (pair)
Heating ElementsUnder of the toes
Heat SettingsLow, Medium, High
Battery Capacity2400mAh each
Exterior FabricCotton Blend
StyleHeated Sock

Temperature Chart


Low / Blue LED Light9+ Hours
Medium / White LED Light6+ Hours
High / Red LED Light3+ Hours
  • AUD79.00

    5V Battey for Zarkie Wireless Controller Heated Socks

    Two Zarkie 5V Wireless Compatible USB Battery for ZS-W52205 heated sock.
  • AUD189.00

    Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Insoles

    , ,
    The new Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Insoles are the perfect way to add a heater to your existing shoes. Heating from the underneath of the foot, the 3 settings wireless controller allows you to customise your heat as you walk. Featuring built-in USB 5V lithium batteries that can be charged from any USB port and heating times of up to 9+ Hours . The comfortable insole can be tailored to fit your shoe by trimming the toe down to the size that fits you best. Take your heater wherever you stroll and enjoy warm feet this winter. S/M - 36 EU to 40EU L/XL- 41EU to 46EU

Additional information

Weight.49 kg
Dimensions25 × 10 × 4 cm

Large/X Large, Small/Medium


  1. I bought these specifically so that I could keep riding my bicycle into work through the winter. So far they’ve proven excellent in the cold frosty mornings. Haven’t tried them out in sub zero temperatures yet, but I suspect they’ll do a decent job.

    Additionally I suffer from Reyanuds and these socks so far have been excellent in saving me from a lot of pain and discomfort.

    Great customer service too – fast responses to my queries, very helpful advice and speedy delivery with receiving the product within a couple of days.

  2. In spite of living in a wonderful climate in Perth, Aus, my feet get so cold during the early mornings at work during the winter (just like my father). Enter the new Zarkie wireless USB socks
    Heated from BELOW the toes, rather than from above
    Slim unobtrusive battery
    Wireless temp control (not really a must have, but nice)
    Luxury feeling socks
    Customer service is exemplary – a rare bird these days
    Battery is a little less powerful 2400mAh rather than 3000mAh, I usually have it on 2 (mid-way) so doesn’t quite last the whole day – but that’s fine
    Price. Heated insoles come way cheaper, although IMO you get what you pay for
    NB Even though I am a size 44/45 I still prefer the S/M sock size. Zarkie recommend up to size 40 before moving up to their L/XL

  3. I ordered these socks on Monday afternoon and had them on my feet Tuesday night .
    Amazing customer service and very quick delivery.
    I wore them skiing and they worked wonders to keep my toes toasty and warm. The battery sits neatly just above the ski boot, you just need to make sure the concealed wire running to the toes is positioned so to not cause discomfort.
    I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

  4. We are Skiing in Japan at the moment and these socks are awesome! We have tried other types of heaters that stick into your feet and end up hurting the pads of your feet, but you can barely feel these in the ski/snowboard boots. My children are waring them also and keeping them warm and comfortable gives my husband and I more time each day out on the slopes.
    Customer service was also fantastic after ordering the product and we received our order within days.

  5. The service at Zarkie was great. Answered all my questions over the phone and extremely patient.
    The socks do everything they said they would do. Feet stay warm for 5 hours while standing in front of cold freezers in a supermarket.
    It’s like having an electric blanket for your feet.
    Would definitely recommend them.

  6. Really great product. Provides required amount of heat during the travel and helps us control it on the remote controller. Only Con i found was the washing. Needs to be hand wash and needs to take extra care when being washed. Wouldnt suggest this one for daily use but perfect product for anyone suffering from Reynauds . The battery feels a lil heavy for the sock that it starts falling down during the travel even though kept in the pouch.

    Again, battery has less capacity and hence cannot be used for a longer duration.

  7. These socks are amazing. I have a medical condition that make my feet cold and these socks are the only brand that I found that help my condition. The different settings are fantastic in different condition, they are so soft and last throughout the day. The owner has always looked after me with any questions and fast delivery is helpful. I even got my dad a pair for Christmas. Love these socks, been a life changer for me.

  8. Professional service. Excellent heated socks. The new remote control works well.

  9. The Zarkie socks and Venture gloves do a great job of treating my Reynaud’s syndrome by restoring blood circulation in my 80 year old fingers and toes. Best approach is to start on maximum setting, then reduce to setting 1 after 20 minutes. A huge thank you to Scott for his advice and brilliant customer service.

  10. I recently bought these socks after researching a number of other brands. Initially I trialled these in the showroom and Scott was most willing to answer my questions. I decided to make the purchase online and they arrived in less that 24hrs!
    I have worn these socks during early morning walks / rowing/ and on very cold days. They have passed with flying colours!
    The sock material is thick and very comfortable. The battery and process of charging is effortless (very different from cheaper brands). The remote control offering 3 heat settings is really convenient when I have my hands busy doing other things.
    I also have been diagnosed with Reynauds Disease (a condition where your toes get frozen pretty quickly in cold weather and take a long time to thaw- very painful indeed). These socks have worked fabulously at heating my toes on even the lowest setting for up to 7 hrs. I am so impressed 🙂
    I intend to send this information to my specialist for other patients with a similar condition to reference.
    I would highly recommend this product.

  11. Just love the heated socks. My feet freeze in Winter usually but these heated socks keep them warm and the circulation moving. I thoroughly recommend them I also bought the heated hoodie and that works a treat as well.

  12. I was a bit dubious about spending this amount of money on a pair of socks, however since receiving them I can say these are the best things ever!

    As someone whose feet are always dead cold, it is a constant losing battle to try and keep them warm. These socks are an absolute god send!
    I thought I would have to run them on highest heat for them to be any good, but I’m pleased to say I was very soon able to turn them to medium and then low and my feet were toasty and warm .

    I’d also like to commend Zarkie on their speedy service. It is the fastest shipment I have ever received! Goods were despatched within an hour of me ordering them and sent via express post. A 1 service thank you!

    Cannot recommend them highly enough. The socks themselves are really comfortable, and being knee-high really helps keep in the warmth. I don’t find the battery pack too cumbersome.

  13. The sock is very comfortable to wear. I purchased after painful toes at snow . I also add a second thin ski sock over the heated socks and the battery sits easily at top of ski boot. The battery lasted half the day so I have a second set of battery’s. I really noted the difference when I was not wearing the socks. Recommend for anyone that likes to be outdoors in cold climates -especially having raynauds disease.

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