Motorcycle Heated Liner Pants – S Only

Motorcycle Heated Liner Pants – S Only

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Venture Heat’s Motorcycle Heated Liner Pants are engineered with adventure riding in mind. The Xtreme Comfort Technology features 2 micro-alloy fiber flexible heating panels which are placed from the thighs to shins to keep the legs warm. The controller is designed to easily flip on top of the riders outerwear, giving easy easy access to 3 temperature settings.

The interior of these heated motorcycle liner pants is lined with fleece making the perfect base layer for comfort, performance and warmth. The front of the heated pant liner is constructed with 4-way stretchable softshell fabric for easy wind protection. The rear has a synthetic poly-spandex compression material to wick moisture away keeping users dry while riding. Ride that bike all winter in comfort.

*When using this product and the 12V Jacket or 12V Vest at the same time then a motorcycle Y-Splitter will be needed to plug into the battery harness.

Sizing Guide
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Motorcycle Xtreme Comfort Technology

Our Motorcycle Xtreme Comfort Technology is in every one of our power sport products.  The hair-thin flexible heating panels eliminate the bulky feeling of heating coils by using micro-alloy fibres allowing for a large range of motion and even quicker heat.

Breathable Base Layer

Although the heated pants have an active fit, comfortability and warmth are not compromised. The micro-carbon fiber elements provide the flexibility and durability for any activity while the fabric allows the skin to breath to avoid moisture build up and overheating.

Powersport Safety

Every powersport product comes with a safety fuse kit which has a built-in microprocessor in it to prevent overheating and short circuiting.  Plus, the micro-alloy heating panels do not produce Electromagnetic Fields.

Quick Release Cabling

Venture Heat’s cabling is a coax cable that is designed quick release, just  in case you forget to disconnect from the bike.


Motorcycle Connectivity

Motorcycle Interconnectivity

The Motorcycle Heated Pant Liner is powered by the existing battery on 12v vehicles and it will provide heat as long as the vehicle is on.  Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the vehicle’s body, leaving the connector plug exposed. The Heated Pant Liners can pair with the Deluxe Heated Jacket Liner, Insoles or Socks.

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    Motorcycle Y-splitter

    Motorcycle Y-Splitter for connecting multiple 12V products to the one battery harness.
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    12V Car Adapter

    If your vehicle is equipped with a cigarette lighter port, you can utilise it to power select 12v heated gear without installing a battery harness. Due to the limitation on the vehicle's power output, we recommend checking your vehicle's manual to ensure that it offers sufficient power from the plug. Ideal to power your 12V heated gloves, heated insole, or hybrid heated vest totaling less than 4 AMP total draw. Comes with 10 AMP fuse. For use with all 12V items under 10 AMPS. This 12V adapter can be used with European bike outlets by removing the red cap from the end.

Product Specification

Power SystemPlugin in to Vehicle
Heating Elements1 Large Panel on Each Leg, Thigh to Shin
Heat SettingsLow, Medium, High
Draw3.5 Amp
Exterior Fabric50% Nylon, 47% polyester, 3% Spandex
LiningBrushed Fleece
Style12V Heated Pant Liner

Vehicle Connectivity Instructions

Connecting Your Heated Clothing

What’s included:
– 1 Motorcycle Heated Liner Pants
– Built-in Temp Controller
– 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse Kit
– Instructional Guide
– Draw: 3.5 amp on High*

Additional information

Weight.7 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 3 cm

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  1. Frank Bernhardt from Edithburgh South Australia here, i have been riding my quad bike in the outback spotlighting feral animals for over 25 years and have always been chasing the best way to keep warm during the winter nights where it gets down to zero and below, i have tried all the thermals and jackets and coats etc and that chill still works its way through, i came across this 12 volt heated clothing that Zarkie sell and thought it was worth a go. It isnt cheap but you get what you pay for .I purchased the pants, jacket and gloves , they are the best thing ever i have never had the pants on above low and the jacket above medium and they keep you body nice and warm and in fact quite often i have to turn the pants off for a while because its getting too warm. I am not riding down the road at 100 km/hr but i am normally out for 6 to 8 hrs a night and it is so good to be warm all night , an investment i will never regret.
    Secondly i did have a problem with a zip on the pants and Scott was very quick to replace them, the second pair did the same thing except on both zips, so Scott got some heavier duty zips put in another pair of pants and sent them out . It was good old fashioned service that you rarely see nowadays and there was no blaming someone else etc , if you but these items you will be looked after well, and you will be more than happy with how they work.

  2. I love this gear for riding in winter. No more bulky jackets, or multiple layers. My mates arrive freezing and I’m quietly toasty. Suckers! Highly recommended. I have the socks, pants, gloves and jacket. Gear arrives quickly and service is always good.

  3. I bought the heated jacket liner a few weeks ago and it was so good I decided to get pants. They are really easy to install and come with everything needed including extra fuses. With 3 heat settings controlled from the coloured button its easy to change the heat setting and instantly glance down and see what setting it is on. In my opinion this is essential for winter riding, the warmth makes you more alert and therefore safer on the bike. I would recommend this gear to anyone riding in cold weather. Scott from Zarkie was very helpful in answering question and helping with solutions, good customer service is not that common these days.

  4. Excellent product. Instant warm up. Bigger product sizes would help us big guys.

  5. I’ve only had a short try-out, Left Orange in 8 degree heat (cold) and felt warm enough with my thermal tights, liner and Klim pants without the heater on. We stopped about 40 minutes later, so I turned it on, and it only needed the low setting. I’m looking forward to more rides this winter now.

  6. I bought the jacket liner and heated gloves last year and love them so much that I treated myself to the liner pants for this winter. They’re a perfect fit and the style and cut are really nice. Feel good too. I highly recommend these as they’re worth every cent.
    Good customer service. I ordered these late on a Friday afternoon and they arrived the following Monday.

  7. I recently purchased the pants liner and jacket liner together. Wow, i,m super impressed with the effectiveness of these products. I,ve been riding motorcycles for 45 years mostly in cold climates so i wish these had been around a long time ago. I guess my circulation isnt as good these days and i tend to feel the cold more easily taking the edge off my longer rides. I can ride all day in the coldest weather and enjoy my rides again. I can only tolerate the medium setting and usually ride on low and i,m comfortably warm at speed. The control buttons are easy to access when riding so i can, when needed, change the temp setting to suit. Service was prompt, delivery took only a couple of days. Th guys answewed all my questions either over the phone or email. I,m well impressed. Thanks again.

  8. Brilliant! Why haven’t I bought these sooner. Wearing the heated pants when riding in below zero temperatures very comfortable.

  9. Brought the heated pants in 2018 worn twice. Put them on the other day no longer working. Not impressed.

  10. I rode through the winter equipped with both Venture heated products: jacket liner and pants. I made trips every two weeks, from Wagga Wagga to Sydney, and return. I cannot adequately explain how comfortable I was. Nor can I accurately estimate the added safety factor of being warm. I felt considerably safer, with my mind dedicated to “riding”, rather than distracted by “freezing”. Another benefit is that, when you are riding slowly near your destination, you just turn down/off the heat, and you don’t cook! Get the gear. You’ll never look back.

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