Motorcycle Jacket 2 layer Vs 3 layer

Motorcycle Jacket 2 layer Vs 3 layer
October 24, 2019 Scott Weekes
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What’re the advantages of 3 layer pants/jackets VS 2 layer pants/ jackets? Why do you want the hassle of having to remove 3 layers if I could just remove one?

There can be several advantages and disadvantages to both. To determine what would be the best option for you, ask your self how are you going to use the Jacket or Pants, is it going to be used for off-road ‘adventure’ riding, weekend cruisers or the everyday commute? What kind of weather conditions are you ridding in Summer, Winter or that tricky somewhere in between?

The advantages of a 3 layer’s system are you have a thermal and waterproof liner on the inside of the pants and jacket and can remove one or both layers as you desire dependent on conditions.
This can allow for a more versatile garment for a wider range of weather conditions. The 3 layer system also enables the outer layer to be more breathable in construction allowing for more zips and ventilation that can be can be added to the jacket and pants. Thus a great option for someone looking for that 4 seasons all-year-round option with layers either built into the garment and removed or replaced quickly for those cold wet days or can be opened up to allow airflow through the vents to the body and almost become as breathable as full mesh jacket.

Conversely, a jacket that has a waterproof rating on the outer shell is limited in the ventilation and breathability and has to be so it can maintain its waterproof rating the advantage of this is the ability repel and bead water away from you retaining less water on the jacket and pants when out in extreme wet weather conditions and would generally be a lighter jacket.

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