Mesh Jacket Liners

Mesh Jacket Liners
November 19, 2019 Scott Weekes
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We all know that mesh jackets provide the best ventilation on hot days. If you’re living in the warmer states like Queensland or Western Australia you can guarantee on a ‘hot sunny day’, but for the other states like New South Wales or Victoria in particular weather can be hard to predict. (Literally 19 degrees today and 35 degrees tomorrow as I look over the forecast for this week.)

A little unknown addon to a mesh jacket can be a game-changer allowing you to go riding with a jacket that is going to keep you cool and safe on the road but without the concerns of the weather turning on you.
KOMINE’S mesh jackets have the option of adding windproof/ waterproof and thermal liners essentially turning them into a 3 layer jacket. The liners are compact enough to store under your seat so you just store and forget till required. Just think of it the same thing as keeping your umbrella in the back seat of the car. Keep the ride going all year round

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