• Sep232021

    New data indicates ways to stay safe on the roads as a motorcyclist

    A recent study analysing government data on road-related fatalities has shown how different road users, including motorcyclists, can stay safe…

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  • Dec042019

    Reduce your power bills, heat your clothes not your house!

    Technology that has been around for over 70 years has increasingly become more popular with the arrival of compact lithium-ion…

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  • Dec022019

    Tips for better battery life!

    There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to battery care especially when it comes to Lithium batteries the…

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  • Nov282019


    If you have been around motorcycling long enough you will know  Motorcycle gear should be made with ‘abrasion-resistant’ materials like…

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  • Nov192019

    Mesh Jacket Liners

    We all know that mesh jackets provide the best ventilation on hot days. If you’re living in the warmer states…

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  • Nov062019

    Can you tell a fake product from the real thing?

    KOMINE like many strong and successful brands around the world are not immune to fraudulent imitations and copies. We consider…

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  • Oct312019

    Looking For gloves and socks to relieve your Raynaud’s?

    Do you suffer from Raynauds? Or endure secondary symptoms such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and systemic lupus erythematosus debilitating you…

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  • Oct302019

    Venture Heat Deluxe Jacket Liner a heater for your bike!

    Everyone who rides a motorbike needs to have one! A simple little piece of clothing that will keep you on…

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  • Oct242019

    Motorcycle Jacket 2 layer Vs 3 layer

    What’re the advantages of 3 layer pants/jackets VS 2 layer pants/ jackets? Why do you want the hassle of having…

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  • Jan152019

    Cold hands and feet? Why not heat them up?

    In the chilly time of the year, the first parts of your body to get cold are typically your fingers…

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