Can you tell a fake product from the real thing?

Can you tell a fake product from the real thing?
November 6, 2019 Scott Weekes
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KOMINE like many strong and successful brands around the world are not immune to fraudulent imitations and copies.

We consider it a compliment that sweatshops around the world are taking the time to study and copy KOMINE’S products. When the demand for a product is high they will pray on the unsuspecting customer who genuinely believes they are buying the ‘real thing’. But the old saying is valid in this case “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”


Be aware when purchasing KOMIINE products or any other brands for that matter from overseas stores like DHGate, Wish, Aliexpress, or even some E-Bay sellers (eg;yesmotopartsltd), it will be fake and unquestionably poor in quality and inadequately manufactured to meet any standards set by KOMINE. 

Yes, counterfeit products

might be a more economical option compared to the genuine gear but why intentionally risk your safety buying motorcycle apparel, made with no quality control on a product that bears no resemblance to the materials and craftsmanship of the true brand? To the unsuspecting customer

who mistakenly bought a fake, expecting a genuine product, high in quality only to be disappointed hurts effort that KOMINE has spent over 70 years building the reputation and time developing products that offer safety and peace of mind proven through rigorous testing.

So KOMINE has developed methods to protect their products and customers from counterfeiters, with the use of the forgery prevention label which you can only see on authentic KOMINE products. A 4D special hologram technology label attached to all their gear since 2014. The word “OK” should appear on your mobile screen when you use the camera on your phone and hold the phone over the label to show a sign of the product’s authenticity.

True safety is something that can’t be replicated with inferred products, real riders use real product.

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