OHM Battery Heated Mittens

OHM Battery Heated Mittens

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

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The OHM 7V Battery Heated Mittens are designed for the most extreme winter conditions. Our next generation heated mittens feature a soft shell exterior, with a Nappa leather grip palm. Plus, these thermal heated gloves feature both Dintex and 3M Thinsulate, so they trap natural heat but have the breathability to reduce moisture. Our new heated mittens also have a slim design, which gives you a tighter fit, more efficient heat transfer, and is both water and wind resistant.

The OHM heated mittens are powered by a lithium-ion battery in each glove that energize ultra-thin micro-alloy heating panels that extend from the back of the hand to your fingertips, warming your entire hand for hours.

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Dintex Waterproofing

The Dintex Membrane was engineered with one thing in mind, to keep you dry and comfortable. The membrane has an impenetrable layer to prevent any water or wind coming through your mittens while still being highly breathable.

Premium Leather

The Nappa Leather Palms provide durable protection and improved grip.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation microfibers trap the natural heat within the glove to provide even more heat but still allows moisture to escape the glove for greater comfort.

Micro-Alloy Fibre Heating

With the hair-thin micro-alloy fiber heating panels woven on the top of the hand to the end of the fingertips and thumb, your entire hand will stay warm for hours with these electric heated mittens.

Heat Duration

Low / Green LED Light 8 Hours
Medium / Yellow LED Light 4 Hours
High / Red LED Light 2.5 Hours

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    Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
    Rechargeable Battery BX-26, 7V, 1800mAh
    Voltage 7V
      Heat duration:
    Low / Green 5.5 Hours
    Medium / Yellow 4 Hours
    High / Red 2.5 Hours

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Product Specification

Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Heating Elements Back of Hand to Fingertips
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Rechargeable Battery BX-26, 1,800mAh
Voltage 7V
Exterior Fabric Ultra Suede
Lining 100% Polyester
Palm Premium Nappa Leather
Insulation 3M Thinsulate
Waterproof Membrane Dintex
Style Heated Mitten

Battery Heated Glove Instructions

Waterproof Capabilities

What’s included:
– One pair of OHM Battery Heated Mittens
– 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (BX26)
– 1 dual-port Australian/NZ 110-240v charger
– Instruction Manual

Additional information


Large, Medium, Medium/Large, Small, X Large, X Large/XX Large, X Small, X Small/Small, XX Large


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I used these in Swedish Lapland recently and they performed beautifully down to minus 29 degrees celsius! Other members of my group without heated gloves started offering me money to rent them for an hour on the spot…I think the bidding topped $250 (and I still said no)!

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